Assassination Classroom Volume 6 Review.

Assassination Classroom Volume 6 Cover.

Image courtesy of Viz Media.


  • Story: Yusei Matsui.
  • Art: Yusei Matsui.
  • Released: October 6, 2015.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 192.

The students are still doing everything they can to kill Koro Sensei but still have not had any luck. But the assassination attempts are put on hold while Koro Sensei handles another student named Kokona who is taking advantage of Kataoka because of a past incident. Through a well thought out plan Koro Sensei was able to rid Kataoka of Kokona. But before the class can plan another assassination attempt, Itona and Shiro return and not only attempt to kill Koro Sensei but also put the students lives in danger. With quick thinking Karma and Terasaka are able to thwart Shiro’s plan and save the day. But the trouble for 3-E isn’t over yet as finals are just around the corner.

This volume continues the tried and true trend of action, story and development. Only difference is this time the class bully Terasaka had a huge development and is now more of a team player. Itona has tried once again to defeat his “brother” but was unsuccessful. The battle was amazing and well thought out on Shiro’s side. Koro Sensei again proves that he has only his students best interest at heart which of course makes it more difficult to want to see him assassinated. 

This volume did not build much into the story aside from the appearance of Itona. In my opinion, the first thirty pages could have been better. The few chapters where Koro Sensei had assisted Kataoka with her problem could have been better utilized and moved the story along, instead it felt like filler. Entertaining nonetheless but again it was filler. The volume was entertaining enough with the students banding together to overcome several conflicts and Koro Sensei just being himself is entertaining enough.

The art remains unchanged and the setting is as lively as it usually is. I haven’t had a gripe or an issue with this series in a long time but as we are now 6 volumes in and we still know nothing about Koro Sensei, it is beginning to grow a little stale. So many questions still have yet to be answered and as of now there is no sign of that happening. Yusei is still an amazing artist/writer but this volume could have been a bit better.

This is still one of my all time favorite series and like all series there are bound to low points. This was a low point, in my opinion. The story is still fine for the most part but it is beginning to become more of the same. Assassination Classroom volume 6 has been the weakest entry thus far, but I am still hopeful for future volumes. I would advise you to read this volume to get everything you can out of the story, but don’t expect much to be different from the previous volume in terms of previous trends.


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