Death Note Volume 5 Review.

Death Note Volume 5 Cover.

Image courtesy of Viz Media.


  • Story: Tsugumi Ohba.
  • Art: Takeshi Obata.
  • Released: May 2nd, 2006.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 208.

Light has willingly given up his Death Note and in doing so he no longer has any memory of Ryuk, the Death Note, or being Kira. Now that he is free from the memories he is able to assist L in tracking down who Kira is. The Shinigami Rem has decided to help Yotsuba, a local corporation. Rem hopes that with the murders continiuing Misa will be cleared of suspicion. With much investigation L and Light have uncovered information linking Kira to Yotsuba. L now intends to fully investigate Yotsuba and uncover how Kira and Yotsuba are linked. But as L and Light are about to find, there is much more to Yotsuba  than meets the eye.

As Light no longer has his Death Note he is now able to focus on the investigation. Though it is difficult to figure out if Light is acting or if he truly does not remember anything. If previous volumes have shown anything it’s that Light is resourceful and plans far ahead. In any case L appears to be starting to trust Light a lot more which is great for character development. In this volume we have seen many things, including L admitting that he was wrong from the beginning and that he is back to square one. L and Light make the dynamic duo that I knew they would and it is awesome to see them work together.

It is nice to see that the Death Note is being used in a new direction even if it is for corporate greed.  Without spoiling too much I will say that the developments in this volume completely took me by surprise. I did not expect Light to give up his Death Note let alone Rem pursuing assisstance from Yotsuba.I can’t help but wonder what this could mean for L and Light as Rem knows what Light looks like and Rem has the ability to kill most anyone. I look forward to the next volume and hope to see a cocnlusion with Yotsuba and Rem.

This volume is perfect in every sense of the word. So many twists in just 208 pages. I did not see many of these changes coming. Even as the story became chaotic it was wrapped up nicely by the end of the volume. This volume appears to be the turning in the series and it seems a new arc is beginning. I look forward to the coming conclusion and future entries in the series. Death Note volume 5 was perfect, in my opinion.


4 thoughts on “Death Note Volume 5 Review.

  1. L and Light working together is my favorite part of the story – I never read the manga though,only watched the anime. Either way, the way the direction of the plot changes at this point is great.

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    • Hate to sound cliche but my mind was blown. I didn’t think Light would actually get rid of the Death Note and the story would go in this radical direction. Even the scene in the car with Misa, Light and Souchiro was intense. This series is hitting all the marks.

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  2. Another great series you wrote about. It’s one of my favourite as I metioned in my anime series post too.

    It has a unique story that exceeds highly with being such a smart storytelling, one not easily forgotten.

    ” I’ll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I’ll take a potato chip and eat it!”

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