Assassination Classroom Volume 5 Review.

Assassination Classroom Volume 5 Cover.

Image courtesy of Viz Media.


  • Story: Yusei Matsui.
  • Art: Yusei Matsui.
  • Released: August 4, 2015.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 192.

The intramural sports tournament is still in full swing. Class 3-E does everything they can to stay ahead of Class 3-A. After the tournament a new P.E. teacher enters the fold. Akira Takaoka, one of Karasuma’s former colleagues, joins the ranks of Class 3-E with hopes of doing what all others could not, and kill Koro Sensei. However Takaoka is  abusive to the students and pushes them far harder than he should. After a dispute, Takaoka and Karasuma decide to have a contest. If one of the students can successfully take down Takaoka, then he will leave the students alone and Karasuma will take over P.E. class again. But which student has what it takes to accomplish such a feat? Once the contest has ended, Koro Sensei decides to build the students a pool to beat the summer heat.

This volume had quite a few big developments and stood as a reminder that I should never underestimate class 3-E. As I had mentioned before, class 3-E faces a lot of adversity and this volume was no different. With the recent introduction of the overbearing Takaoka and the intramural sports tournament there was no shortage of struggle for class 3-E here. Even after overcoming great obstacles, the students still do not receive any type of acknowledgement from anyone outside of 3-E faculty. Though with that the students have faced they are geting stronger and are one step closer to achieveing their goal.

One thing that I have noticed from this series is that class 3-E does not always win. Often times they are faced with issues that their skills cannot bail them out of and it falls to Koro Sensei to help them. I bring up this point as it is important to recognoze that the students and this series do not present the old trend of “good always wins”. Just when we think that the students will come out on top a curveball is thrown and the students don’t always recover and win. I like this element as it adds more to the story and keeps things fresh.

Aside from the developments in the story the characters developed a lot as well. Nagisa is showing signs and abilities that may help him to become a career assassin. Sugaya is using his skills in arts and crafts to create unique assassination attempts. Sugino had shown that he was abke to stand up to the best of class 3-A and still out pitch the best players on their team. In terms of story and developement, this volume was near perfect across the board.

It is volumes like this that make the series such a joy to read. I cannot wait to see what else waits in store for the students. It is still uncertain if the students will succeed in their goal or not. But I am certain that we will have an absolute getting to that point. I cannot wait to read future volumes. Assassination Classroom volume was a perfect read.


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