One Piece Volume 3 Review.

One Piece Volume 3 Cover.

Image courtesy of Viz Media.


  • Story: Eiichiro Oda.
  • Art: Eiichiro Oda.
  • Released: June 8th, 2004.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 200.

The fight continues between Luffy and Buggy.  Once the fight has ended and the town was saved Nami decided to join Luffy’s crew as their navigator. The crew makes their way to a deserted island and find many unique animals as well as the keeper of the island. Once the crew departs the island they reach Syrup Village where they are greeted by Usopp the liar. Usopp tells the Straw Hat Crew about a mansion owned by a sick girl named Kaya. Kaya is cared for by her butler Klahadore. Klahadore puts on an excellent show but there is something off putting about him. 

This volume is packed with developments. It is hard to believe just how much Eiichiro fit into just 200 pages. In this volume alone the crew defeats a pirate captain, visits two new locations and introduces dozens of new characters all with their own story to tell. Usopp is quite an interesting character to say the least. Every day he runs through town telling lies. As humorous as this may be it will no doubt cause problems in the future. Nonetheless it is still a funny part of the story. Klahadore and Kaya have a sort of father/daughter dynamic though her own parents have since passed. This dynamic hopes to show that he is a good person which in reality he may not be. Definitely a plot point to look out for. 

The art still makes me wish that I could visit these beautiful locations. The illustrations of Buggy using his Devil Fruit abilities are heavily detailed and baffling at the same time. As his ability is to separate his body parts you could imagine why the illustrations are baffling. The art is one of the components that truly pull ls me into this series. It is one thing to be able to tell a story but to also be able to illustrate the story as you see fit is a separate skill in itself. Mr. Oda receives the highest marks in this regard, in my opinion. Even taking the art aside the story and characters could drive this series alone. The story is perfectly blended with humor, action, and a hint of drama. There truly is something here for everyone.

With so much content packed into this volume my hopes for this series continue to grow. Especially since the volume ended on a cliffhanger. I hope that the future volumes constantly deliver content on this scale. That would truly make for a perfect series. In all honesty if this were just a book I would still read it. I sincerely hope you pick this volume up. This volume was truly an amazing read.


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